The Framework


Here you find the NotReallyORM open source framework. It arose from practical needs, dealing with real customer problems. I tried to reduce the features to what I really need, made it robust, fast to learn and easy enough, that you dare to use it in real production environments. For I am a programmer who hates boring boilerplate coding, I called the main class of the framework “LazyBox”.


  • It is written in C# and compiles into a fully managed .NET Version 3.5 DLL to integrate into your own projects (I chose Version 3.5 to grant full compatibility to Windows XP SP2)
  • Store queries from database into five standard “Lazy” objects for: String, Integer, Date, Decimal, Binary
  • Perform CRUD operations for “Lazy” objects with auto-generated SQL
  • Store queries from database in DataTables, if you need it (for grids, reports…)
  • No tracking of object states, no overhead like the big ORM frameworks
  • No LINQ and Co.: Use standard SQL, retain full control and let do the database its job
  • Robust in multiuser, terminal server and ASP.NET environments
  • Surround code sections with a “LazyTransaction”, perform database rollbacks after exceptions in database or client code
  • Use it together with the DotNetOdf library


  • More documentation
  • More tests in heavy load environments and with large databases
  • More useful features for the daily programming


The NotReallyORM Framework is published under the Apache License 2.0.


And the whole project: All downloads contain a Visual Studio 2010 project with the framework and additional  Winforms projects to test and comment the functions. In the test project you also find an SQL script to create the empty “LazyTest” database on an SQL / SQL Express Server. Adapt the connect strings to your needs.

Keep in mind: This is an beta version. Download it, try it, find all the bugs and suggest improvements.