DotNetOdf News

DotNetOdf now can create lists from a table template. Use it to generate address lists from a database, use it together with the single replacement to create an invoice with a letterhead and several positions, and so on.

TheĀ User Documentation was updated. There are also some more functions in the Winforms test project that you can “play” with different templates, view the XML source and the generated reports, and more.

The next version of the NotReallyORM framework will support the table templates with export from the LazyList object.

DotNetOdf – Create Dynamic Reports from ODT and DOCX

Our customers often want applications that create reports from database queries. This may be invoices with customer data, lists and so on. So I decided that the database framework should have a brother named DotNetOdf. This library was inspired by an older open source project I launched several years ago. You can insert data (for example a customers name and address) into your reports with just a few lines of code, and your customer can maintain the reports himself. During the next time I want to add a function to insert lists (the positions of an invoice for example).

The latest version of the NotReallyORM framework supports this library, for the LazyListRow class now can export its data into a dictionary. The DotNetOdf User Documentation will explain this to you more detailed.