DotNetOdf News

DotNetOdf now can create lists from a table template. Use it to generate address lists from a database, use it together with the single replacement to create an invoice with a letterhead and several positions, and so on.

The User Documentation was updated. There are also some more functions in the Winforms test project that you can “play” with different templates, view the XML source and the generated reports, and more.

The next version of the NotReallyORM framework will support the table templates with export from the LazyList object.

Framework News

After my holidays I started to write a User Documentation for the framework. You can try the examples in it without downloading the whole project, just get the DLL (it’s zipped for security reasons). The documentation is not finished at all, but you get a first overview of the concept and a step-by-step example for simple CRUD operations.

I also decided to downgrade the whole project to .NET Version 3.5. Especially in business environments you still have a lot of older Windows XP installations, sometimes locally, sometimes as remote desktop. With XP SP2 there should be now no problem to use the NotReallyORM framework.