They are my daily bread when I am doing development for customers. I learnt to like them, and I had to learn loving their old, sometimes strange, programming language – SQL. I admit frankly that it was not love at first sight. But it convinced me, and now it sometimes even fascinates me.


This is the framework I use for most of my professional development. I use both main languages, C# and VB.NET. In Germany where I am living many small and medium companies use Microsoft Windows environments. .NET is my tool of choice to develop software for them.

Open Source

This is the world I am coming from. My developer career began as a non-professional, community oriented Linux freak, programming in languages like C++, Python and Perl. Later I began to learn Java. I still value the Linux technology and the idea of open source software. Thus you will find an offspring of my two software worlds on this site: an open source framework for easy database access, written in C# and designed for production environments using Microsoft SQL Server.

Last but not least: here you find some information about The Blogger of this website.