Why I do not use ORM, or: The Beginning

“It’s time to become a real modern software company. We should begin to use an ORM framework in our new projects, maybe the latest version of the Microsoft Entity Framework. Everybody uses ORM nowadays, Microsoft pushes it, why we don’t?” That’s what I told the colleagues in my team some months ago.

It was the time when I began to read books about Microsoft Entity Framework and set up some experimental applications. I was fed up with writing boilerplate code for simple CRUD operations and hoped for some magic that was promised when you use these Entity Objects with data binding. Unfortunately the members of my team were not that enthusiastic about my ideas. You must know: We do a lot with SQL in our development, and we never made bad experiences with these “old school” handmade queries.

After some discussions I thought about my “modern” point of view and asked Mr. Google about some critical writing on ORM. One of the most inspiring texts for me was Kenneth Downs’  essay “Why I do not use ORM” in his blog. There you also find a newer version with some other aspects. Well, this was only the begin of the journey. But it was one of many impacts that led me to start this blog and to try an alternative with the NotReallyORM framework.

So I invite you to share your thoughts with me, to try out the framework, to make suggestions and to ask some questions about mainstream thinking.